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Hey friend — It’s Jaisal from Tiny Startups.

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New Tiny Startups 🔥

🤯 Landing Pages Explained — Collection of high-converting landing pages with explanations.

🧑‍💻 Job Boardly — Launch a fully-functional, SEO-friendly job board in minutes.

🤩 Use Visuals — Create stunning designs in seconds by customizing high-quality templates.

👉 Share your startup — Get featured in-front of 12,500+ founders.

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From the community 👋

#1. Che is selling his tiny startup 🤑

#2. Michael spent $40k to acquire the newsletter he was head writer for.

Here’s why… 👇

#3. Reality check for indie hackers… 🫣

#4. Josh sold LinkScout for $25k 🥳

Not a bad payout for a project with ~$50 MRR. Are SaaS valuations ticking up again?

#5. Milly shares a great business idea 💡

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a SaaS, marketplace, mobile app, productized service, newsletter or something else — all are welcome!

See you again next Wednesday!

— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

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