🚀 Tiny Startups #11

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Hey friend — It’s Jaisal from Tiny Startups.

I’m in beautiful Prague this week and I’ll be visiting Vienna over the weekend. Hit me up if you’re around! I would love to grab a coffee with some fellow founders :)

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🚀 Marketer Tools — Discover the best marketing tools that marketers actually use.

🐥 Birdbanner — Make a Twitter banner in seconds.

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From the community 👋

#1. Nick hit $1M in revenue in just 434 days 🤑

#2. AI dating coach makes $190,000/mo 🤯

It’s a wrapper built on top of ChatGPT and has ~1.5 million downloads. Users pay $7/week. Opportunities are everywhere!

#3. James made over $6k with StartKit 🥳

#4. Davis crossed $500 MRR for his Typeform alternative 🙌

#5. Ian is looking to sell Keywordmetrics.com for $30k👇

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a SaaS, marketplace, mobile app, productized service, newsletter or something else — all are welcome!

See you again next Wednesday!

— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

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