🚀 Tiny Startups #17

Hey friend — It’s Jaisal from Tiny Startups.

Massive thanks to everyone who gave feedback last week.

I’ve got a ton of new things I’ll be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks (and months) along with some super cool new side-projects, and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

New Tiny Startups 🔥

👾 Bleach Cyber — The fastest, simplest and most cost-effective way for startups or small businesses to get secure & compliant (promoted).

📈 MicroAnalytics — Simple, privacy focused web analytics platform with goal tracking.

📊 UnSQL AI — Data insights for traditional firms using plain English.

💌 MailSweeper — Revolutionize your inbox and say goodbye to email clutter.

👉 Share your startup — Get featured in-front of 14,000+ founders.

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From the community 👋

#1. PingParrot has been acquired for $15k 🥳

#2. Goutham crossed $2,000 in MRR with Famewall 💸

#3. Escrow ruined his 6-fig acquisition 😭

I’ve used this service in the past and had a nasty experience. Massive opportunity here for someone who can build a founder-friendly alternative.

#4. Cover Posts has been acquired! 🎉

#5. Olly sold First 100 Users for $10k in less than 24 hours! 👏

It’s been acquired by fellow entrepreneur Brian Ball. Excited to see what he does with it :D

Watch This 📺

This startup makes $48 Million a year selling olive oil 🫒

See you again next Wednesday!

— Jaisal (@ratheejaisal)

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