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🧑‍💻 Deezign — Instant Figma to Bubble conversion.

🐍 Reflex — Library to build full-stack web apps in pure Python.

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From the community 👋

#1. Journey+ has been acquired on BuySellStartups.com! 🥳

Massive congrats to Matt, Ryan and the Journey+ team. Acquisitions are big moments and I can’t wait to see what they build next.

#2. Serg crossed $13k in revenue for Larafast in the 2 months since he made his first sale 🎉

#3. Jonathan made $1,356 in 24 hours with Supastarter 🎉

#4. Gumtrends has been acquired! 🥳

#5. Sanat has been killing it with Hirevire, making $57k in the last 12 months alone 🙌

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